Journey to the Lost World of Sabah

Colossal vine-clad jungles, majestic towering trees,  peculiar flora and fauna  - Maliau Basin lives up to its nick name, "Sabah's Lost World ". Situated in the remote south of Sabah. Maliau Basin Conservation Area, 58,840 ha,  is a huge bowl of pristine forests described as one of the few remaining relatively untouched wilderness areas in the world.

Bounded by a formidable escarpment reaching over 1,675m above sea level, the almost circular Basin, one of Malaysia’s finest remaining wilderness areas, encompasses 390 km² of pristine forest, a virtually self-contained ecosystem, never permanently inhabited and with large areas still remaining to be explored and documented.

The whole Basin is a single huge water catchment, drained by only one river, the Maliau River, which flows out through a gorge in the southeast of the Basin, joining the Kuamut River and eventually the Kinabatangan, Sabah’s largest and most important river.

Maliau Basin was designated as a Conservation Area in 1981, for research, education and training purposes along with Danum Valley Conservation Area.

The Sabah State Government has approved the World Heritage Site (WHS) nomination of Maliau Basin together with Danum Valley and Imbak Canyon as a single heritage site which will be called DaMaI, an abbreviation of Danum Valley, Maliau Basin and Imbak Canyon.

Maliau Basin, far from the convenient city life is mostly accessible by foot, you must be physically fit to tackle the long hike and sometimes strenuous terrains. 

The Maliau Basin expedition begins and ends at Kota Kinabalu.



What Details You Will Need To Provide To Travel Rite Tours Upon Booking

1. All guests MUST provide the following information to us upon registration.
i. Full Name (as in passport)
ii. Gender
iii. Date of Birth
iv. Passport / IC No
v. Nationality
vi. Address
**It is mandatory for You to key in participant details in the mandatory section (upon booking).

Do I need to purchase an insurance policy?

Yes! All guests MUST purchase Personal Travel Insurance that covers emergency helicopter evacuation and submit to us a copy of the policy. Guest MUST also submit to us a latest fitness certificate confirmed by physician or doctor.

What are the age limits for Maliau Basin Packages?

This tour is not recommended for children under 12 years old as it is much physical demanding during the tour.

Must I be physically fit to participate in Maliau Basin expedition?

While you do not need to be an athlete to complete the expedition, you do need to be physically fit to walk and hike for hours which means it would be a huge favor for You to train your cardio and endurance for this expedition. We recommend doing test hikes or do some running/endurance training at least 3 times a week. Should be prescribed any medication, PLEASE bring them along with you during the trip. Guest MUST submit to us a latest fitness certificate confirmed by physician or doctor. This trek is not suitable for the faint-hearted as there are four vertical ladders to traverse (for certain Maliau Basin packages).

What are the accomodation arrangements like for Maliau basin Expedition?

The accomodation arrangements are either camps or hostels in which are pretty basic and you must be prepared to be able to rough it out. However, your meals will all be taken care-of (as per stated in the itineraries).

What is the best season for me to participate in the Maliau Basin expedition?

The tour can be done throughout the whole year. That being said, dry season is usually between March to October.

What do I need to know?

1. This package is based on join-in basis of shared guide and transport vehicle. 2. Private Guide or Tour is available upon request at a reasonable fee. Please inform us when making the bookings. 3. The itinerary of the tour is subject to changes due to weather conditions, health & fitness conditions and unforeseen circumstances. 4. Departure time is approximate and varies from different hotels due to traffic conditions, please reconfirm with our staffs. Should the transport be delayed, please call the relevant telephone number (Operation & Sales : +60111 010 7262) before making alternative arrangements. 5. Tipping is like giving a hug. Although it’s never expected, it’s always very much appreciated.

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